Gain insight and understanding on your customers and staff with your own powerful survey tools.


My-Survey is a powerful survey tool that allows organisations to design and create surveys for any purpose. The powerful My-Survey algorithm allows for individual survey scoring or scoring of multiple surveys in the aggregate.

The survey can either be sent externally from the organisation to important customers stored within the HR Tools Client Contact Database or to any email address the survey owner chooses. All surveys have the ability to be branded to the companys digital branding and the person who creates the survey can manually edit the email realting to the survey for the recipient and the message they receive once the recipient has completed the survey.

Understand your organisation and management team with 360 degree feedback


Using My-Survey for 360 degree feedback survey can produce enormous benefits, for the individuals taking
part and for the company which employs them. The major benefits of 360 degree feedback, compared with
other forms of assessment and appraisal, are:


  • It reinforces the link between the competencies, behaviours and values required for a job and performance. It supports a performance culture
  • It provides in-depth data (qualitative and quantitative feedback), such as comparative data on a departmental basis
  • t provides employees with a better understand of their strengths and weaknesses and a sound basis for development planning and performance improvement
  • It generates commitment to development
  • It involves people with different perspectives, in different roles and at different levels
  • It provides a fair and transparent process that will encourage an open culture that values feedback
  • I t helps identify top performers


  • Provides an opportunity to find out the opinions of the people they work with and compare them with their own opinion
  • Means feedback is more likely to be accepted as it is coming from a variety of sources
  • Can improve the dialogue between appraisee and manager
  • Encourages increased self awareness and a focus on personal development
  • May lead to increased job satisfaction and feeling valued by the organisation
  • Can improve team working, by raising awareness of how others perceive individuals as a contributor to the group.