My-Review is a powerful real time performance management tool that facilitates and documents performance reviews.


My-Review goes beyond the annual review and delivers a unique timeline feature that enables real time performance management and creates a framework for real time performance conversations between an employee and their manager. Within My-Review timeline employees can upload documents, images and other digital material that demonstrates examples of their performance. This unique feature is often used by employees to upload valuable feedback from clients, results from surveys, job outcomes from a particular job and much more.

For the manager, My-Review’s powerful rating feature allows managers to understand and monitor their top performers. My-Reviews scoring algorithm calculates employee performance as rated by their manager and gives the employee and the organisation a complete view of how each employee is performing against others in the organisation. This useful and powerful algorithm gives managers real time valuable data on their top 20 performers and their bottom 10% performers on the My-Review dashboard. This real time data is valuable for understanding which employees are struggling and require much needed support and direction. My-Review also allows reporting of employees based on review performance outlining the top 20% and the bottom 10% employees within the team and organisation.


The My-Review dashboard is a powerful graph and dial display page that shows managers how many reviews are open, how many reviews are closed. Current employee engagement inclyuding who is the highest engaged employee, in addition it shows the teams top performers and lowest performing employees.

For high level senior managers the dashboard is a powerful tool for understanding quickly how other managers are performing and how the managers employees are performing.


Built into my-Review timeline is the ability or employees to share valuable feedback from their managers onto their social networking accounts. This option can be enabled by the company administrator if so desired.

With work becoming more prevelant in a persons life, integration of work into applications such as LinkedIN, Facebook and Google is a great way for an individual to share how valued they are within their own respective organisation. Integration into social media demonstrates an even deeper level of engagement from employees as they proudly share with friends, family and others the great things they are achieving within their chosen career.


Integrated within My-Review is the Professional Development Plan (PDP) module, a useful tool for determining the requirements of an individual for increased learning, professional development or oopportunities for professional growth.

Within PDP managers are able to capture training requirements, wether on the job, courses or experiences. Once they are setup in My-Review, the employee is able to comment against them in a timeline manner and record whether the traning tasks have been completed.