My-People is used to administer which applications the employee has access to within HR Tools, the administrator will select tools that that are relevant to that employees role.


My-People has a file repository feature allowing to attach relevant documents against the employees file. Documents like current curriculum vitae, sick certificates, warning letters, qualifications can all be attached to the employee’s file within My-People.

My-People is administered using an organisation tree structure, outlining the many branches of an organisation it is simply to search for an employee through the tree structure. Within My-People managers and employees can only see people underneath them and not above. This is an important feature to keep sensitive employee information confidential.sation.

Used for the management of employee user accounts, passwords and relevant information.

Within My-People there is a graphical Human Resources Tree allowing for the viewing and administration of employees from the manager, all the way down the HR branch of the tree depending on the management level.

Staff can simply be dragged and dropped within the tree as they move around the organisation.